German classes in the centre of Düsseldorf for only 390 € a month. Now also in the northern part of Düsseldorf, near S-Bahn Rath-Mitte
German classes in the centre of Düsseldorf for only 390 € a month.Now also in the northern part of Düsseldorf, near S-Bahn Rath-Mitte

Cultural events and excursions

Together with our network we offer cultural events, tours and excursions in and around Düsseldorf and the neighboring European countries. Actual dates will be published every month.

Düsseldorf is known as the city of art, as well as the city of fashion and advertising, science and theatre. "Little Paris" is in the heart of the Rheinish lifestyle and is well renown as the city of international hospitality. The metropolitan region of Düsseldorf is close to the major European metropolies such as Paris, London, Brussels & Amsterdam and is considered to be a major hub connecting Europe to the rest of the world. Furthermore, Düsseldorf is home to Little Tokyo and Little Athens, having the largest populations of Japanese and Greek expats in Germany. 

In this neighborhood our institute is located and we regularly offer an interesting and culinary stroll through the multi-national town center.

University Institutions


The University of Düsseldorf comprises the Heinrich-Heine University, the University of Applied Sciences, the Academy of Art and the R. Schumann Institute, all of them being of international standing and reputation. Exiting the city centre, the universities of Duisburg-Essen, Cologne, Wuppertal, Krefeld-Mönchengladbach, Bochum and Dortmund can be reached within an one hour drive . Twice a year we offer a tour d'Université, as well as regular information sessions regarding academic studies in our region. (Please make sure to register in time.)


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Ioannis Vatalis, M.A.


Studyon Institut

Immermannstraße 19

40210 Düsseldorf


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Aktuelles / News

April 2018               - B1.1 nachmittags   - B2 /C1 Beruf           (abends)

Neue Deutschkurse 

Course plan 2018 - Immermannstraße
Immermanstr - Kursplanung 2018 .pdf
PDF-Dokument [350.4 KB]

AB 14.05.2018



        und weitere



Stufen A1.1- C1.2



Modul 9  - 26.Febr. 2018




 *Neue Abendkurse

(noch Plätze frei)



 B2.1 - Abendkurs

       noch freie Plätze

  Montag, Mittwoch 

   (18:30 Uhr bis 21:00 Uhr)


*B2/ C1 + Deutsch im Beruf ab

3. April 2018


C1.1- Abendkurs

ab 19. März 2018

    Montag, Donnerstag

   (18:30 Uhr bis 21:00 Uhr)






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