German classes in the centre of Düsseldorf for only 390 € a month. Now also in the northern part of Düsseldorf, near S-Bahn Rath-Mitte
German classes in the centre of Düsseldorf for only 390 € a month.Now also in the northern part of Düsseldorf, near S-Bahn Rath-Mitte

Preparatory Classes

Preparatory classes


The DSH – Testing system (German language university entrance exams for foreign students) is the last major hurdle in respect to your access to a German university. With DSH you are expected to prove your high academic language skills and your ability to proceed your studies at a German university institution. Our DSH preparation class corresponds to a C1 – German Language Level where students will be trained in the use of scientific jargon and academic texts respectively. We prepare you for the DSH test while aiming to enhance all your language skills starting from reading comprehension and listening comprehension up to academic language structures in respect to writing and oral examination.

A TestDaF preparatory course is available according to current student demand.


New C2 (New Goethe Zertifikat C2)

New C2  is the highest level of a German language diploma.
It replaces the previous German language certifications awarded by the Goethe -Institute for C2-level (ZOP, Basic and Proficient German language diploma) requiring from the students an almost native language level. In some countries, this award is considered to be not only the ultimate proof of German language proficiency, but also a qualification for teaching the German language. The New C2 class addresses to participants who seek to obtain a special qualification aiming to careers that have high German language expectations.
Our small groups are preparing students for participation in the C2 exams. Besides the shape and structure of the test you will be given the chance to learn strategies and methods in order to handle the individual parts of the examination process and also to have the opportunity to engage in various texts of the German literature.


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Ioannis Vatalis, M.A.


Studyon Institut

Immermannstraße 19

40210 Düsseldorf


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Aktuelles / News

MÄRZ- 2018          B1 nachmittags C1.1 Kurs abends

Neue Deutschkurse 

Course plan 2018 - Immermannstraße
Immermanstr - Kursplanung 2018 .pdf
PDF-Dokument [350.4 KB]

Ab 05. MÄRZ 2018


Stufen A1.2- C1.2



Modul 9  - 26.Febr. 2018




 *Neue Abendkurse

(noch Plätze frei)



ab 08. Januar 2018

             Montag, Mittwoch und                                         Freitag

          (18:00 Uhr bis 21:15 Uhr)


 B2.1 - Abendkurs

ab 05. März 2018

             Montag, Mittwoch 

          (18:30 Uhr bis 21:00 Uhr)


*B2 + Deutsch im Beruf ab 19 März 2018


C1.1- Abendkurs

ab 19. März 2018

             Montag, Donnerstag

          (18:30 Uhr bis 21:00 Uhr)






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